Bed Bug Dog Training

We train dogs to detect certain insects that are difficult for a human to find.  We as humans have vision as our main sense. We even speak in terms of vision. You should have seen what I saw. See it my way!  If a dog could speak they would say you should have smelled what I smelled. Or  smell it my way. Their olfactoral and auditory senses are much more acute than ours. We start them at a very young age and introduce them to the stimulus insects. Their life from then on revolves around positives relating to detection of those insects. We then match them with a   inspector and train them how to apply the dog and to maintain the health and well being of their new partner

Our dogs are very healthy happy dogs. They enjoy working and pleasing their handler/partner.

Pest Control Operators

If you own or manage a pest control operation we can partner with you on an inspection or a project. A lot of smaller and mid-size companies can not afford to have their own dog team. Call us and we can do the inspection and you do the treatment. By knowing where there is infestation you can do a much more thorough treatment and your customer will really be a happy camper!

If you have a larger company or would have enough inspections to keep a full time team busy we can train the dog for you and then train your employee to handle the dog. We train your handler how to maintain the health and well being of his new partner. We have exercises he must do on a regular basis to keep the team sharp and accurate. They must be trained to deal with distractions and other things they will run across doing their inspections.

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